A Naval Tradition, throwing a hat to the sea at the end of my last cruise, September, 1989. [you can see my other hat tucked into my waistband!]

The USS Coral Sea decommissioning, 30 April 1990


Short Strories about Navy Life [In order of completion]

Some stories pending with publisher, so they are not available at this time.
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A Trip to the Sea [Apr 2005]
Weekends [May 2005]
My Nephew, Jerry [Sep 2005]
My Little Piece of Heaven [Oct 2005]
Tempest in a Teapot [Nov 2005]
Christmas in the Navy [Dec 2005]
Decisions, Decisions [Jan 2006]
Over Your Head [Feb 2006]
Style of my Favorite Author [Mar 2006]
Ironing [Apr 2006]
Grocery List [May 2006]
The Box in the Attic [Jan 2007]

What are these stories?

What are these stories?
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