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What are these stories?
These are 500 word Essays for the Longmont Writer's Club. Each Month [except during the summer] the LWC gets together, and members share a piece they have written.

While there is usually a predefined subject to write about, the substance is up to the individuals themselves. Since I live in LandLocked Colorado, I have chosen to write about the experiences I had serving in the US Navy from 1986 to 1990.

I was on a supply ship, the USS San Diego AFS-6, for three months, then transferred to an Aircraft Carrier, the USS Coral Sea, CV-43. There, I spent the next three and a half years onboard one of the oldest carriers in the Fleet. During this time I made the ship's last two cruises before it was decommissioned and scrapped. It still holds the record for being the largest piece of steel ever recycled.

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