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From Denver: North to I-76 east. Take exit 12? (US 85, North). 7 miles later, take Colorado Highway "7" west, 1/4 mile, and there you are. Veteran's Park is on the north side of Highway 7.

From Boulder: Highway 7 east, a long ways!!

From Fort Collins: South to Colorado Highway 66, and go east to Platteville [Highway 85], go 15 miles south to take Colorado Highway 7 west, 1/4 mile, and there you are!! [CO 66 is the quickest way between I-25 & US 85]

See Photos Overlaid onto a Topographical Map (0:59 Min)

Topographical Map of the Run (1:00 Min)

All Photo Images and Maps are courtesy of the USGS
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View the Put In and First Ripple (1:03 Min)

View the Diversion Dam (0:54 Min)

In conversation with the landowner, and the cattle rancher leasing the land, they will allow boaters to stop and scout the dam. Just do NOT spook the cattle, and do NOT stop for a lunch break, only stop long enough to scout and portage if needed. They were both very pleasant to talk with, so let us keep our best foot forward.

View the Take Out (1:00 Min)

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